Maidstone Bonsai Society

Japanese Trees in the Garden of England

February Meeting

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The months seem to be coming around faster and faster as we get older ! such a pity the trees do not grow that fast. February was the re-potting workshop and help session for both experienced bonsai keepers and members that had never re-potted a tree before, there was a vast amount of experience available for a task that some members can find quite daunting for the first time and a good night was had by all as can be seen from the pics. there was also a good selection of pots available from T B Bonsai pots for members to buy and use on the night as some did.

we also had members that had just retuned from Neolanders 2017 with all the news of who had won what and what a fabulous show it was this year, this was mainly Alex Rudd who is our chairman and damn fine chap, he never seems to stand still always wanting to help other members.

we have also started the raffles again and on offer this month was a catoniaster donated by Zaks Bonsai nursery in Kent and Also, being the type of guy he is Alex purchased two of T B Bonsai pots and Donated one to the Raffle ( this will go in next months ) second prize was chocolates and finally a runner up cash prize.

don’t forget that new members are very welcome, come along and have a look at what we are up to you might like it !.

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