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Japanese Trees in the Garden of England

Pots Pots Pots

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Well we started the year off with a lesson in Pots from our resident expert Alex and assisted by the Fountain of knowledge Dean, who ever thought there was so much to learn about the bonsai pot, its history the markings right down to specific glazes for specific pots. the two hour lecture was both informative and and imaganative, and Alex brought just a few of his thousands of pots (i kid you not) to show the group and to hand around for first hand explanations.

Alex is more than happy to do this talk for others just contact him vie the Society and have a chat with him.

Next month the year really starts as we get stuck in to the repotting process, so all members do not forget to bring with you your trees and pots but  also soil, wire, tools and anything else that you may need for the hands on demo. All newcomers also welcome to come and see what its all about.

see you all next month

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