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Japanese Trees in the Garden of England

Bonsai World Show 2015


This weekend gone saw the Bonsai Wolrd show at the K2 Sports centre in Crawley. Whilst MBS did not exhibit as a club a few members exhibited in their own right with the “Messiahs of Misery” Shi-Ten putting on a display, a few awards were won also. 

  Dave Green’s beautiful Yew from David Benevente in Spain won Best in Show. Well done Dave. 

  Les won Best Mame for his Hinoki Cypress on Simon’s Mame Display

  Dean’s infamous Needle Juniper apathy named “Cuddles” in all his glory

 Keit’s beautiful Trident maple on rock looked superb. 

  Les’ beautiful blackthorn in Stone Monkey Pot on a Doug Mudd table. Wonderful combo!



 And Shi-Ten’s display (3 previous pictures) in all their guerilla glory.  


2 thoughts on “Bonsai World Show 2015

  1. Love the David Benevente yew, for me it was one of the highlights of Noelander’s this year

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