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Japanese Trees in the Garden of England

Will Adams Festival


For those of you who don’t know the a Will Adams Festival is a celebration of all things Japanese due to the sailor William Adams who hailed from Gillingham Kent. Here is a bit of history for you:

William Adams (24 September 1564 – 16 May 1620), known in Japanese as Anjin Miura (三浦按針: “the pilot of Miura”), was an English navigator who travelled to Japan and is believed to be the first Englishman ever to reach that country. He was the inspiration for the character of John Blackthorne in James Clavell’s best-selling novel Shōgun.

Soon after Adams’ arrival in Japan, he became a key advisor to the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and built Japan’s first Western-style ships for him. Adams was later the key player in the establishment of trading factories by the Netherlands and England. He was also highly involved in Japan’s Red Seal Asian trade, chartering and captaining several ships to Southeast Asia. He died in Japan at age 55, and has been recognised as one of the most influential foreigners in Japan during this period.

Anyway MBS put on a display of trees for the public and here are a few pictures of the display, picture courtesy of the club secretary Marc







2 thoughts on “Will Adams Festival

  1. Looks like “another fine job!” ladies and gents, did ya miss me?

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