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FOBBS New Talent Competition


Our newly elected chairman made his debut in the UK final of the FOBBS New Talent Competition on Sunday at Capel Manor.  Is some people’s minds there may be some conflict/confusion/concern/consternation that a spaniard was potentially going to represent the UK in the European bonsai federation final in Poland in May 2014. However this situation has been avoided for the moment as Jose was placed a very, very, creditable second to Mark Kennerley from Vale of Clwyd Society.  The contestants drew lots for the tree they were to work with then had 3 hours to perform a transformation on the tree. (We did present him with a flag of Gibraltar so that he could fly the flag for Britain and Spain!!!)
Judged by John Armitage and Reg Bolton the award was given to Mark who produced an informal upright design, the same approach was taken by Jose.  Although we are all disappointed that our beloved chairman was unsuccessful on this occasion not all is lost as Jose has the possibility of entering the competition again next year and hopefully will be triumphant
We have to remember that Jose has only been involved in bonsai for a very short time and has made remarkable progress in the 18 months he has been a member of Maidstone Bonsai Society.  He is very like a sponge soaking up all bonsai knowledge that comes his way

7 thoughts on “FOBBS New Talent Competition

  1. Any pictures Marc?



  2. Any pictures Marc of our hero Jose?



  3. Marc / Andy, Pictures are on the EBF Forum but unfortunately not of Jose.

    Marc have you any minutes / details of the new club comittee as I was unable to attend the AGM due to illness.



  4. Sorry guys, camera “buried” under piles of decorating crap and a bit busy buying Accent plants,
    Regards, Simon

  5. …………………. but CONGRATULATIONS Sam, you made an ex-Chairman very, very proud. Onwards and upwards my friend!
    Love, Peace & Bananas, Simon

  6. Great show at Capel, Sam you did MBC proud and yourself. Shame not more club members supported you. Like to thank all those who I care about popped in to say hello the rest is no loss to me.
    Please don’t forget we trade at ALL the shows and offer a 15% discount on all sales during the show.

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