Maidstone Bonsai Society

Japanese Trees in the Garden of England

Final Farewell


potter evo

Well it has been a few years that I have been managing and posting on behalf of the Maidstone Bonsai Society. From photo’s to films on WordPress and Blogger, club members and events have appeared in all their glory warts, bald heads and all.

I will now be passing the mantle over to another member of the club to manage as I take my leave of the job.

Thanks to all for your time, input and assistance, it has been great fun. I wont be gone for good from the Blogging world, I will be here on my own blog for all things Stone Monkey Ceramics  and where clay is taking me post Bonsai Ceramics. Well I will still be making Bonsai Pots but not on the major commercial scale that I have done in the past. So if you guys and girls still want that commission you know who to call, Walsall 😉

See you around, well on my blog and don’t forget to subscribe to mine and continue to follow the Maidstone Bonsai Society Blog and continue to give it your support. Without you lot there would be no club


Regards to all



3 thoughts on “Final Farewell

  1. Many thanks for the aponsorship of blog and TOTM over the last few years and also for support mentor ship and friendship to myself and other club members

  2. Mr monkey
    What can I say?
    A truly gentleman , always supporting and helping ,thanks for all that you freely give to the club and to me . Great to share with you …best wishes on the next part of your journey .
    Asta luego.
    Jose aka Sam

  3. Hi ya buddy boy, thanks for EVERYTHING that you have given to the MBS over the last few years and I look forward to folllowing your new direction. Keep in touch mate and thank you for your friendship and continued support to me and the Club. Se ya soon bud!

    Ook, Ook,

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