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Japanese Trees in the Garden of England

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Only now I understand nothing

Interesting article by Danish bonsai artist Morten Albek, definitely worth a read

Shohin Bonsai Europe - Morten Albek

How much do you live bonsai? Or how do you appreciate your bonsai in daily life?

I have been doing bonsai for app. 20 years now, if I count in the very first lessons learned, killing innocent small trees collected in local forests, working on them way too early and way too hard. Before that I bought a book, maybe 30 years ago, first time bonsai caught my attention. It took a while before I then tried and failed and had few successes. Today I know more, but still now nothing. As a Danish artist expressed it: “Only now I understand nothing” after many years of work with his art. In other words, the more I know the bigger the world of untrodden land seems to be.


Today I know plenty of techniques, how to prune, how to fertilize, how to develop a tree from raw form, how to keep…

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The End is Nigh

I am sure you would all join me to express my thanks to a certain person from Maidstone Bonsai Society who has, in my opinion as well as the opinions of others, continued to work hard with total commitment and unwavering dedication to raising the profile of the club, getting the club into national shows and nurturing his baby that was CKB. Simon Haddon we salute you! We are all grateful for what you have done and your continuing inspiration to all, old hats as well, and for your enthusiasm and passion for all things Bonsai. We will all be sorry to see you stand down at the next AGM in the role of chairman and you will leave a large pair of shoes for someone to fill and a job of maintaining a high standard that has been set. I for one have seen the changes over the past 10 years in the club since your chairmanship, and support from fellow committee members, there have been dramatic changes, all for the better. I am sure our paths will cross at future Noelanders and the odd BURRS, thanks for all you have done. Don’t be a stranger to the club and it goes without saying it will always be my privilege to call you friend.