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Secret Squirrel!

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Last night Les and I attended Kent Bonsai Club’s August meeting as I’ve been interested for a while to see how “the other half” live. Quite suprised, and then playfully abusive, members that I know made me feel quite welcome in their own way – most it seemed to involve me parting with money!

It was fairly “odd” to be, as Andy put it, the other side of the fence but I had a great evening coming home with some good memories and some late 1990’s “Bonsi Porn”. It’s really funny looking at some of the magazines as I’ve now either worked or met many of the “artists” featured, a bit spooky!

I was “allowed” to get my hands dirty and create a “bloody Maidstone tree” (or at least set it on the right path) from a Field Maple with a stunning trunk. Many years work ahead but with the right care and styling this could be one of the better Field Maples on the “circuit”.

Where will I “pop-up” next, this could well be real life “Where’s Wally?”
Secret Squirrel, over and out.


One thought on “Secret Squirrel!

  1. Come to think of it, it has been bugging me for ages who Les looks like, MOROCCO MOLE!!!!!

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