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Who fancies getting “Down and Dirty?”

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Sadly, this is not an offer to go Yamadori hunting in the Spring but something that is just as fun and in the warm! As many of you are aware Andy is having a sabatical from Bonsai Ceramics but has offered MBS members the opportunity to make their very own Bonsai pots. What a chance to learn from a “master” and he don’t make a bad brew either! Les & I took place at a Workshop at Willowbog a few years ago and loved every minute.

The Workshop would be an all day affair with the cahnce to make a couple of pots. Numbers will be limited and if it proves successful it could become a regular feture for the Club. Full details and costs are sketchy at the moment but he’s just looking for interest at this time. So if anyone fancies a go at making a “real” pot please drop me a line at and then I can collate everything together and speak to teacher!


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