Maidstone Bonsai Society

Japanese Trees in the Garden of England


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During a weekend in May WWW 1hit MBS. I know your all thinking World War, something, 1 no don’t worry the club is not going to war. WWW1, better known as Warrens Weekend Workshop 1 is what we are talking about here. A number of MBS members spent time at Warrens Weekend Workshop which took place at Les S’s residence. Some people were at the Storey residence for both days others did only one day but all who attended benefitted from the wisdom of Warren, Peter was able to give all who attended an insight into how to take there trees forward. There were trees in abundance from Shohin to very large, from nursery stock to urban Yamadori



One of the members aged significantly over the weekend, it was Fireman Sam’s (Jose’s) birthday on the Saturday and we celebrated with a traditional Kentish dish!! Well I think paella should be standard fare at all club events. Sam and Mrs S slaved over a hot stove to deliver a delicious lunch, Mr and Mrs Seymour baked a cake for the occasion.



Despite the cold weather everyone enjoyed a pleasant and thought provoking weekend.




Thank you Peter and thanks to all who took part


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