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How embarrassing…

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Well I was going to supply you with a plethora of pictures, joviality and a damn good time had by all at our last club meeting, but for some reason my phone did not play ball and I had no photos, even though I was clicking away like a photographer at a glamour shoot. If you didn’t know we had the very affable and very talented Corin Tomlinson at the club. Now I have never had the pleasure of seeing one of Corin’s demos before, even though I have known Corin for a fair few years on the bonsai circuit.

The evening wet with a blast! Advice on maples, advice on junipers, the styling and repotting of a juniper in the cascade style. Not to mention the bountiful anecdotes and fun en route. Oh did I forget to mention the initial styling of a young beech from raw hedging material and the repotting of a very nice established, and show able, Korean hornbeam. I am sure you would all agree that we had a fun evening and would defiantly ask Corin to come back and entertain us all again in the future.

Thanks Corin it was a great evening, sorry MBS members and other readers about the absence of pictures.




One thought on “How embarrassing…

  1. I would like to agree with all that Andy has said, I had the a really good time thanks! Yes we should look to re-book Corin for another time.

    Regards Phil Presland

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